Issey Miyake Inspired Nails

Issey Miyake's L'eau D'issey line has a simple and yet remarkable design which inspired me to do this!

[ .revlon silver nailpolish
[ .revlon base and coat
[ .sinful colors white nailpolish
[ .tape

revlon silver nailpolish / multi care base and top coat / sinful colors nailpolish / tape
>> paint it all silver
>> use the tape and stroke with white nail polish horizontally
>> finish with a transparent coat


>> paint it all silver
>> slowly stroke the tip with white
>> feel awesome

Simple saves time and is a great low budget option for your nails. Also, playing with shapes can make your nails look longer.

I like to keep it simple and quick so I hope this can be inspiring or useful for someone as well <3


  1. I like this a lot. Is this something you achieved on your first attempt or did it take a few times? I think I want to try this myself :-)

    1. It was in the first attempt because it is really simple! I had just found that silver revlon nailpolish on sale and couldn't wait to try, so I just painted my nails all silver. Then the silver reminded me of the fragrances so I got the tape and voilà haha

      Send me a pic if you do :3

  2. Beautiful! I'm going to try this now, but with grey instead of silver!

    1. Awesome! So happy it inspired you guys <3 send a pic if you happen to make it public :3