DIY Glueless Geometrical Gift Box for Valentine's Day

I was playing around with paper and decided to show you some different glueless gift box that you can make really quickly and on a low budget. Best part is that they are very resistant for such material.

There will be 3 versions in this DYI so I hope this will be versatile enough for everyone.


[ .paper (the bigger you want it to be the more resistant the paper should be)
[ .scissors
[ .gift   :3


>> cut the paper of your choice into perfect squares
>> fold the paper diagonally as an X
>> bring 2 opposite corners to the center of the X
>> flip it
>> do the same with the new corners

>> flip it
>> fold the long tips around over the little fold-marked V
>> fold the rest of the tips around
>> fold it in the middle
>> voilĂ 

\ Version one has 8 pieces (groups of 3)
\ Version two has 4 pieces
\ Version three has 3 pieces

This is how they link to each other:

>> unwrap the joint folds and insert them into each other

 >> add the gifts!

I love the architectural element they have and how precious they are. Every fold was made with purpose and every fold holds a thought that the maker had at the very time of the craft. 

My personal favourite is the most alien looking amongst them, the star :3

Sorry for the super long post


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  1. Looks awesome! I'm going to try this, but just as an ornament because it looks cool on its own!

    1. It works well for that too! It was inspired in japanese ornaments :)

  2. This is so amazing. I will definitely be borrowing this idea to surprise my love this year.