So I was at work when I attended the sculptor Zero Higashida, who asked me about my ring and said it had unique beauty. I couldn't be more flattered and proud to say that I made it!

-The story

I have spent some time in Indonesia  for my birthday and decided to take a silversmithing class at Chez Monique, with Wayan and his lovely family in Ubud.

They help you with the whole process; from creation to polishing but they are also happy to give you tips and let you do it yourself.

I've had a raw idea for this ring for quite a while. I wanted something minimal, edgy but at the same time organic. I wanted a line that would highlight one's natural hand shape. Hands are beautiful on their own so only something that accentuates the shape of hands would make me feel happy and satisfied. Besides, the absolute aesthetic of a section of a line is so beautiful and powerful and simple and humble at the same time. I just couldn't choose anything else.

For me this is a piece of self-acceptance.

Chez Monique | Zero Higashida