Perfect White Nails

Somehow it feels like white nail polish doesn't want to cooperate with us. I have tested so many brands and besides some texture issues they all seem to share a problem: opacity - or, well, the lack of it.

It takes many coats for it to look even and opaque. So here is a little trick of mine I'd like to share with you.


[ .base coat (Revlon)
[ .white nail polish (Sinful Colors)
[ .pearly white nail polish (Sinful Colors)
[ .top coat (Revlon)


# You want your nails not to be streaky so make sure they are 100% clean and without any little piece of leftover nail polish.

#  If you have not so smooth nails like me, gently polish them with a buffer. Don't overuse the buffer otherwise it will make your nails thin and weak


>>  apply base coat
>> apply pearly coat
>> apply white coat
>> apply top coat

The glow from the pearly white doesn't show but it does the job making the white much more opaque than without any. I only used one coat of each and it was enough.

I hope this was helpful <3


  1. perfeita esmaltação! parabéns

  2. I love crispy fresh white nails and almost anything for a matter of fact xx